Corey walked past the man without a notice. This wasn’t the first time that her sister had annoyed her to no end. How was anybody to think when she was constantly talking? As she walked away, the man go up and quietly followed her. Not noticing, she kept walking. The silence was soothing, yet it was eery and uncomfortable at the same time.
Her gait hastened as the wind blew softly against her pale skin. A feeling of uneasiness came over her as she wondered who was following her. Whomever it was, he seemed to be trying to match her footsteps. Not daring to turn around, she walked faster.
Turning the corner, she realized that the streets were surprisingly lifeless. It was getting colder and she had not grabbed a sweater before leaving. Despite the fact that she was freezing, she could not shake the fact that the man indeed seemed to be closing the gap between them. Now almost at a light jog, she took a left into an alleyway hoping to escape the stalker. Suddenly, he ran close to her and grabbed her.

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