scarlettas story

“Are you happy now? i asked with patience, Yes thank you scarletta . She looked content as she petted her bunny. “Stay in the room and dont come out until i tell you to” I said sternly. I headed out to the garden . “I will try to salvage wat i can for tonights dinner i mumbled to myself”. I grabbed the basket and started to pick vegtables. Maybe half an hour went by when i heard horse hooves pulling up to the house. My pulse quickened as i looked to see wo it was. There standing at our fence was about three muggetas. I wanted to run and get clarika out of the house but i knew they would burn the house down. “May i help you ”? My voice trembling. “Yes you may the first one said horsly . I need some food and water .I nodded. They forced thereselves in as I stepped back.I opened the door and said you may sit down if you would like, let me fetch my sister. I went to the room and hastly put the sewing box away . With my sisters beloved bunny. They are here and we must feeed them. My sisters face went white.

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