A Fun Yet Insane Quiz by Insert Pen Name Here. Yes the Title Grabbed my Attention.

1} uhm.. pinky purple.. not sure because it’s in a container thingy in my bathroom.

2} My house, in my room, on my laptop =)

3} My hair is apparently majority seeing as it is a light brown. But not dyed, natural

4} I found this site while looking at something on the aim screen the pops up. It looked interesting so I checked it out and, now, I’m addicted to writing and my ficlet friends!

5} Yes, personal value mostly, but some things of material value as well.

6} I loved lava lamps when I was younger.. but I out grew the one in my room.. they are pretty cool though.

7} yes. 100% no brainer. I love this site.

8} my current favorite word isn’t reall a word.. it’s move of a suffix.. but sloe enough.. that suffix would be ‘ish’ I always say ‘ish.’

9} Bloody Valintine by Good Charlette

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