OTOC's Answers to IPNH's Fun But Insane Quiz And I'm Going To Beat You All In The Title Length Hahaha Bask In The Glory That Is OTOC!

1. it’s this stripey green thing with leaves. it’s pretty much the coolest tissue box you’ll ever see.
not really. the one up in my room is cooler.

2. home. eatin French Vanilla Ice Cream, mann. Should be studying for Science Final tomorrow. Oh Well.

3. majority. Proud Brunette Babe.

4. My friend, whose name will not be mentioned – she’s my first contact if you want to see her. She doesn’t come on anymore, despite my pleads.

5. sigh. Must I name all of them?

6. Ohh! hahaha funny you mention that. I won one at the Works one night and so it’s been my nightlight in my room since then.

7. N..nnn…nnnn.. NNNYES !

8. Snippets.

9. My iTunes knows me like a stalker. It put Shadow Of The Day by Linkin Park as #1, and then Leave Out All The Rest by Linkin Park as #2. And then it did some Beethoven stuff that I’m not going to mention.

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