Answers (short)

1. what color/ pattern is the nearest tissue box to you right now?
Um, plain pink
2. From where are you typing this (home, internet cafe, work, not city/state)?
home at the good old desk
3. Is your hair in a minority (blond, red) or majority (brown, black)? Or is it dyed?
dyed-its blue
4. How did you find this site?
my twin
5. have you ever owned something really valuble?
6. What is your opinoin on lava lamps? (im serious.) (no, really.)
i think that they revolutionized lamps. Without them we would be still using stones and animal fat.
7.Do you ABSOLUTELY LOVE this site? (if you say no i will pound you [not really, jk])
8. What is your current favorite word?
9. turn on your ipod, select shuffle, and write down the first song that comes up, no matter what it is!
clicking it….vertigo, live from milan….U2

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