Everything Will Blow Pt. 16

Someone was leaning over my body, nudging me gently.

“Hey.” she whispered, close to the ear of my unmoving body. “Hey, are you okay?” The girl moved a strand of hair out of my eyes. Concern filled her eyes as she placed a couple of fingers against my throat.

“Oh no.”

She quickly took out her mobile, cursed again when she realized the battery was dead and looked around wildly for a payphone. Spotting one down the block, she took off at a run. I watched her go for a moment, her long brown hair swishing back and forth as she ran.

When I glanced back down at my body. It was ominously still. My foot hung over the ledge of the top step while the rest of me was sprawled in a careless fetal position. My arms were clenched tightly around my middle; I was out cold. I followed a thin trail of blood that was making its way towards the edge of the step. It was coming from the small puddle forming under my side.

I heard a sharp intake of breath behind me as I stared in horror at myself.

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