My Blind Girl

I always loved her. She is so beautiful, modest (sometimes), intelligent yet…harsh and swift at times. We always been together, had our share of ups and downs. Believe it or not there was a time when she would not befriend just anyone. We seen more than our fair share of places, as well. She was always faithful to me, something that most people appreciated.

See, there’s this side chick that I’ve always been messing with. She knows about it (let’s just call her the side chick), and doesn’t mind. But the side chick doesn’t want to play her position anymore. I mean, the side chick wants to mess with her, and she’s feeling it.

The side chick always been part of the equation, but not like this. She doing all kinds of messed up things now, letting people slide with stuff they would have been punished severely for and what not. I just feel sorry for the people cause she isn’t performing up to par for anymore. They don’t deserve such treatment. Oh well, I guess this is the life then.

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