Back At Matt's

Matt hung up the phone and went to pack up his stuff.
He entered his room that he shared with his brother. Found a duffle bag and a sleeping bad, and got what else he needed.

Matt combed his hand through his messy brown hair. He stared at his reflection, his grey eyes stared back.

Matt walked out of his room and into the kitchen.

“Oh Matt honey here is your allowance.” His mom said as she handed him 5 bucks.

“Thanks mom!” Matt said as he ran back into his room, money in hand.

Matt pulled out a shoebox from under his bed. He opened the lid. Inside was a stack of 1’s, 5’s and a couple of 10’s.

Matt took out the money and began counting.

“Yes!!” Matt screamed.

“What is it, is everything alright?” His mom asked.

“Yeah! I’ve got enough money for a cell now!!” Matt smiled showing his cute little braces.

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