Unique Love Story: Something Cherished (Challenge)

“Alright, class, sit down!” Mr. Bright called the class of rambuncous 11th graders to their seats. He turned to the black board and wrote the days assignment on it. Turning back to the class, he tapped the board with his chalk.
“Tell me about something you cherish,” he said. Tossing the chalk behind him and, as usual, yet no less miraculously, it hit the black board and fell right into place beneath it.
“It could be a book, a peice of jewely, a family member,” the sandy haired teacher took long strides through the rows as he spoke to his pupils. “Or even your special someone.”
Scattered giggles greeted this comment as Mr. Bright returned to his desk. He picked up his timer and set it.
“You have… five minutes. Begin.”
The writers didn’t need to be told twice. Immedeatly pencils were darting across the page, lead and ink portraying the things the young adults held dear to their hearts.
Only one girl hadn’t written a word yet. It was too difficult to choose- Mr. Bright… or their engagement ring?

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