A Place for a Challenge

I feel inclined to write a challenge. Why? Maybe it’s because I have underdeveloped ideas, festering, not willing to break the surface. Or maybe I’m just bored of reading and not quite ready to write a story.

Needing inspiration, I turned to a faithful source.

I found this in my writer’s journal.


There are places in your life;
Places of happiness; of sorrow; of memory; of hope.

Just like “in everything there is a season”, in everything there is a place.
A place with a smell, a touch, a sound, a taste, a sight, a feeling.

Places locate you, ground you, justify and identify you. Places have history. If places could talk….

So I thought, aha! Here is an idea for a challenge. Write a ficlet about a special place to you. Use all five senses. Make it real to your readers. Enter as many times as you want. Make us laugh or cry. Just let us experience some place the way you do.

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