The answers to a really awsome quiz

The answers of Quiz

1. what color/ pattern is the nearest tissue box to you right now?
It’s this werid-out purple pattern and my room is blue, lol

2. From where are you typing this (home, internet cafe, work, not city/state)?
My house! in my room

3. Is your hair in a minority (blond, red) or majority (brown, black)? Or is it dyed?
My hair is black with green and blond streaks

4. How did you find this site?
Through aim duh.

5. have you ever owned something really valuble?
my HD Tv man! and well my apple notebook and my awsome zune.

6. What is your opinoin on lava lamps?
Their awsome! I want one but their to pricey for my taste

7.Do you ABSOLUTELY LOVE this site? (if you say no i will pound you [not really, jk])
Yes, I do! It helps me express myself and
let my feelings out

8. What is your current favorite word?
Umm.. I don’t have one

9. turn on your ipod, select shuffle, and write down the first song that comes up, no matter what it is!
Afterlife by Avenged Sevenfold their awsome!
i love them!!!

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