Indecent Intent 3 (Melia and Tad Winslow's Collaboration)

The tinge of fear transforms into lust on its way down her spine, collecting behind her belly button like a bath is drawing hot water there.

He’s really close to her now.

“And what is it I need?” She whispers instinctually sensual.

His confidence is stunning. “Me,” he says, leaning in, barely touching his lips to hers.

The warmth in her stomach spreads, leaking down. Wet.

This is utterly unfathomable she thinks. I really do want him.

Suddenly, she grabs the boy by the ear, “ow, oww, ahh, ahhhh,” he lets out. She pulls him into her house and shuts the door.

Once inside she promptly releases him, panting as she explains. “I saw Anne Trapnel (breath) watching us through her window (breath) she’s an incredible gossip (breath)
I had to do something.

“Jesus, you nearly ripped my ear off. I’m bleeding for Christ’s sake.”

“Oh honey, I’m sorry.” Her tone is soft and nurturing as she lends the back of her hand to the side of his cheek.

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