World 1-3

“Y’know, if you hold down the B button you’ll run faster.”

I have no idea why I even bother saying it. My sister has been playing Super Mario. Bros. almost as long as I have – that’s got to be close to seventeen years, maybe longer – and while I’ve completed it about a hojillion times on the NES , the SNES , the Game Boy Color, the Game Boy Advance, the Wii, even emulated on my PC, she’s yet to finished four levels in a row, yet to figure out that dashing with the B-button will help her beat the timer. She doesn’t quite get it.

I sometimes wonder if the only reason she plays Mario games with me is so she can spend time with me. Platform games don’t really seem to be her thing. Alright, she enjoys Yoshi’s Island, but who doesn’t? It’s a fun game, and she doesn’t have to worry about B-dashing. She seems to spend more time playing Peggle than anything else. And Silent Hill. Weird.

She’s fallen down a hole again. Tch. Y’know, she would have made that jump if she’d held down the B button to run faster.

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