Not Much Part 2 (Mistress Elsha Hawk's challenge)

What we had entered amazed me.

When I saw it then, it was like this magical hidden wonderland.

Today I see it as what it really is, an opening in the woods.

We rode down the rocky path. When it finished we were in a circular opening, tress surrounding us.

There were 3 paths visible. The one that we came from, one in front of us, and one to the right.

I sped my bike up and went forward on the next path, and here all it was was more woods, but to me it was incredible.

I turned back and went to the path on the right. It took me to a pond, a little tiny miniature pond, our pond.

The place was beautiful, filled with all kinds of colors. Many shades of greens from the leaves, browns from the wood, and blues from the water.

It smelled like nature, and made me feel internally clean being there.

The sounds were one of a kind, the cracks of the branches from rabbits, the crickets hiding in the grass, and the frog we found, who we named Hopper.

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