Powerful Mistakes

Tired fingers, and the growing pains of arthritis, were making themselves felt.

My typos were getting worse and consequently, through the constant backspacing and editing, my power wattage was decreasing even more.

Then, accidently, I did the unthinkable and hit return on the word Forevre.

Panicking I tried to recall and backspace, too late-the word had entered the litcinerator and been consumed.

A small message popped up, obviously a warning from the Commander. Reluctantly I read it.

I sat back, shocked. Apparently the mispelling of Forever had shot almost 2 watthours of energy into the core.

Curious, I typed in mistaek. Another 3.7 watthours.

Man, I was on a roll. I started typing in errors from leayk to Constintonaple-got almost a kilowatthour from that one.

I was giggling, gleefully grinning with an insane mesh of thoughts in my head as I played with the power in my hands.

So crazed I didn’t even hear the warning from the Commander of the imminent core overload…

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