Schrödinger's Lock

I’m walking into town when it occurs to me that I’m not sure if I locked my front door or not. I try to force the memory, but it was pointless, locking my door is a mundane activity, I’m not gonna remember every time I do it.

But as I can’t recall it I can’t be sure I’ve actually done it. Doubt creeps in, after all, I left the oven on last night for over an hour after I’d finished using it and that was something I normally turn off automatically.

But what if I walk back and it’s locked? I’m almost halfway into town now, I’d be effectively doubling my journey for no reason. I already knew I was going to walk back, otherwise I’d be worrying for the whole evening about getting home and finding the door open and my Nintendo Wii gone, besides it’s better going back now and finding a locked door than going back later and finding I’d been robbed.

Oh no, I’m walking along a busy road and I’m going have to turn right round and walk the other way, I hate doing that, it makes me look like a forgetful simpleton.

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