Three in the Dark

“That crazy you were talking about? He’s on the train,” Jon whispered. “The conductor and I managed to get most everyone off. But we think some of the women were taken, like in the article.”
Tom swore in a hiss. “Is Jenny safe?” he asked, remembering the girl.
“I…don’t know,” Jon said slowly. “I lost her in the crowd.”
Tom clenched his hand, and felt metal pressing into his palm. “The locket!” he whispered in surprise.
“You found it?”
“I said I would, didn’t I?”
“Someday a promise will kill you, Tom.”
“I don’t doubt it,” Tom sighed. “Where’s the conductor?”
“He told me to wait here-”
“I think we have a problem, men,” whispered a new voice. Tom tensed.
“It’s alright, this is the conductor,” Jon assured him.
“Follow me- hands and knees; we musn’t be seen,” the conductor whispered.
They set off at a crawl down the dark hall.

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