Quiz Answers, Part One Of Two.

1) Favorite color?
2) Favorite T.V. show?
3) Favorite male celebrity?
My husband, of course, Cole Sprouse.
4) Favorite Female celebrity?
Brenda Song/Emily Osment, they are amazing actresses.
5) Nickname?
6) What’s something about you that most people don’t know?
I’m outside your window.
7) What’s something that you’d like to change about yourself?
To be a bit less forgetful.
8) About how many times do you send/receive IM’s per day?
Oh lord.. all of them? over 200, i can tell you that now..
9) How many crushes have you ever had in your life?
Not very many. Most likely under ten, I mean really, I’m not that kinda girl.
10) What is the stupidest thing you’ve ever said?
There’s so many.. uhh.. hmmm. I really can’t choose one.
11) What grade are you in?
7th. Almost skipped a grade in elementary school. What can I say, the stories at story time couldn’t compare to Esperanza Rising in first grade.
12.) MySpace, facebook,neither or something else?

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