The Answers From Me (Howhardlifeis's Challenge)

1. BLUE!!!
2. This is so tough. It use to be Gilmore Girls, but that is over now, and I love way too many other shows that I could probably write an entire ficlet about them alone.
3. First, BLAKE LEWIS , he is a celebrity, so don’t anyone try to say he’s not!! And also
Josh Hutcherson!!! Love him!!!
4. Resse Witherspoon, Holly Marie Combs, J.K. Rowling, Ellen, Queen Latifah, and lots more.
5. Nor, Ron, Nran, Czech 3, lil nora husani
6. Lots of things…
7. Inability to snap and whistle.
8. Way too many. Up in the high hundreds if I had to guess.
9. Not too many, I don’t crush very easily, I could probably count them on my 2 hands.
10. Again, too many, can’t pick just one.
11. 8th!! Upperclassmen!!!
12. Facebook.
13. This will be 102.
14. Fruits.
15. CHOCOLATE. There is no other way, but the chocolate way!!
16. Being loved. It means more.
17. Taking, I suck at making questions.

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