The Music Wing Part 2 (Place Challenge)

It looks plain enough, like almost every other hallway. Yet here, if I could, I would spend every hour of school.
The tile is no different than anywhere else in the building, off white, with greyish smears and scuff marks. On the left there are two or three doors leading into the auditorium, where all the concerts and musicals are set. For Man of La Mancha it was transformed into a dungeon. For the Christmas Choir Concert, it had been decked with poinsettas and lights.
On the right, there is a door, closest to the outside, that leads to the band room. The next door enters the music hallway, covered in old grey carpet. A little ways along is another door, also used to enter the music hall. In this hall you can go anywhere in the music department. The band room, the orchestra room, the three practice rooms with their old pianos, frequently used for practice and fun. There are three offices as well, belonging to the music teachers.
My favorite door of all, however, is the one closest to the cafeteria.

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