The Music Wing Part 3 (Place Challenge)

The double door entrance into the official choir room, with its beautiful, black kawai piano. Everyday when I enter that room I zoom to my seat, set down my stuff and rush to the piano, grabbing whatever music I can, and playing my heart out.
The black and white keys are smooth, as is the sound they make. I don’t claim to be an amazing pianist, but even so, I love playing.
The room buzzes with energy as the singers chatter, and other musicians use the room as an entrance to the music hall. I often get up from the piano to let a more talented person play, and take the opportunity to spit out my by then tasteless gum.
Once everyone is in their seats and we begin warm-ups, and my favorite part of the day begins.
Even though we’re not the best choir in the school, we’re probably actually the worst, being the ninth graders, there’s still a magic made my the songs we sing.
Maybe music is a drug- but in that case, I refuse rehab.

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