“Oh,” he nodded, used to my antics. “Faeries? Cathedral sprites? Elves? What is it this time?”

“No, Mitch, really! I see…you don’t see them, do you?”

He looked a little sad. “I wish I could see what you see, Kaeli.” He shook his head in a frightfully serious manner for such a humorous boy as he. “But I can’t.”

I looked around in amazement. They were convening by the hundreds! So very real. “Look! Right there, there’s a lady with two small children, a boy and a girl.”

He sighed, not even bothering to try. “Look!!!” I yelled, my voice echoing into the cracks, becoming a part of the building.

“Kaeli, there’s no one there! C’mon, we have to be quiet and get ready for the concert.”

I looked up at his deep brown eyes. Eyes I thought surely could see what I saw! It made me feel like crying, to see those unseeing orbs. I wished so badly to make him see.

At that moment, one of the spirits – a female of about 20 years – looked at me. At me. Certainly seeing. She smiled.

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