Dear Fellow Ficlet Family Members, I Appreciate You

Dear FFFM ’s,

I really do appreciate you.

When I found this site, and started posting, I was certain my stuff would be unread. Uncared about. Unimportant.

I didn’t think that anyone would read my stories, let alone comment so kindly on them.

Ficlets gives me a place to go. And you all give me a reason to come.

Without you, my thoughts would go unheard. Without you, my mind wouldn’t be filled with all of your wonderful and unique ideas.

You are all so awesome, so I wanna thank you all!!

Thank you for reading, commenting, and rating my stories.

Thank you for writing ficlets that touch my heart. Ficlets that make me laugh, that make me cry.

Thank you for making challenges to keep us all entertained.

Thank you for being here.

Thanks for inviting me into the Ficlet family.


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