Work Ethic - How it began

Jason was dead…

And frankly, Jason just wasn’t quite sure what to do. It had happened just after he got in this morning. Jason felt his heartbeat suddenly accelerate beyond anything he’d ever felt. His heart ached with such acute pain that he’d put his hand to his chest as if to slow his heart by hand. And while he sat with his hand on his chest he felt his heart slow. Jason sighed in relief.

But, with his hand on his chest, Jason felt his heart beat slower and slower till, eventually, it stopped dead.


For a long moment Jason sat feeling for his heartbeat, but he felt nothing. He checked his pulse, again finding nothing. He looked at his hands, but he could find nothing wrong there. But as Jason sat and felt his body slowly growing cold, he could come to but one conclusion.

Jason was dead.

The newly dead Jason leaned back in his chair and stared at his screen, not sure what to do. So Jason did nothing. Thus was the end of Jason’s life.

Thus was the beginning of Jason’s death.

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