My quiz results!

1) Varius shades of blue.

2) American Idol

3) Orlando Bloom, Jonny Depp

4) Jordin Sparks.

5) Alex

6) I got over my phobia of caves last summer (been despereatly scared since I was 9)

7) Like most girls, I’d like to be prettier- specifically in the face and hair

8) Too many to count

9) At least 8… currently 3.

10) Too many to pick one… I guess: “Pwn stands for purple milk ninjas, obviously” I thought I was making a clever joke too… I know what it means, it just came up in this conversation one time.

11) 9

12) MySpace (never used) Facebook (the same)

13) 18 or twenty I think

14) Fruits own. So sweet… do you see veggie flavored skittles? no there’s proof there.

15) Chocolate is heaven on earth.

16) I don’t know… love is always a wonderful thing

17) Taking

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