Dueling... with art

I walked out on the stage in front of what seemed like thousands of people. Adam stood next to me, both of us holding our violins. We smiled at each other, bowed to the audience and faced one another. Adam gave me a good luck wink as we took our positions and made last-second adjustments to our posture.
Before I knew it, we were playing like gods, exchanging the melody constantly. The notes danced through the theatre and intertwined with such beauty… we played flawlessly, our bows moving with lightning speed and our fingers hitting each note with pin point accuracy. We’d played together since we were children… the story of our friendship played through my mind as we dueled away with our fiddles. It was like magic, our skill combined to create true art. We played for what seemed like hours before we eneded our piece and took several deep bows to the applauding crowd. I couldnt help but wonder: What would’ve happened had i not met him?

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