Ghost In The Machine, part 2

“Ted?” Kavin asked.

It took a moment to recognize him, because he wasn’t a he anymore. It was Ted, but not Ted anymore. Kavin and Ted had gone to school together. Both assigned to software implementation and maintenance training before the war began, before the Gamez began. Kavin had heard about forced gender reassignment before, but never knew anyone who went through it, at least he didn’t think he’d known anyone.

“Not anymore, I’m Tina, now.” Ted/Tina responded.

Kavin looked her over, the features weren’t changed too much Tina was still tall, still skinny. She must’ve gotten reassigned right before the Gamez started 3 years ago. They ended the forced gender reassignment policy. Breeding was reduced not for a lack of natural born women, now it was reduced to keep a lid on humanity.

Kavin could hear the hounds again. They’d picked up his scent, maybe Tina’s now, too. Kavin grabbed her wrist and they started to run.

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