20 minutes

1, 2, 3 I count my steps as rush from the bus stop to my house.

4, 5, 6 The white peice of paper you passed me in math held firmly in my hand.

7, 8, 9 One block down one to go. Why does the time seem to pass my so slow?

10, 11, 12 I hurridly grab my key from my book bag, and turn the door knob.

13, 14, 15 I grab the phone and dial the numbers scrawled on the peice of notebook paper.

16, 17, 18 It rings and someone picks up on the other line.

19, 20 “Hello Dr. Evans’ Dental office how may we help you today?” my face turns red when I realized I dialed the last three numbers incorrectly. “Sorry, wrong number.” click.

’ Those were the longest 20 minutes of my life and I called a dental office?!’

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