Monolouge in a Girls Mind

“Coffee and a chocolate donugnt-I’m off to a pretty good start today! Oh, and here comes Max, probably with candy or something- he’s so sweet!”
“What the heck? Why does he want my help with algebra? I’m barely passing! Whoa, back up, boy. He’s practically sitting in my seat!”
“Now he is sitting in my seat! Maybe if I poke him with my pencil he’ll move? No, that would be rude! Why am I thinking about manners, he’s practically molesting me!”
“That’s right, you better get up! If you don’t have chocolate to give, don’t think you’re going to be sitting on my lap!”
“Oh my gosh, it’s Jake. He’s coming over here! He doesn’t undersand the state judiciary system! How cute! His desk is all the way over there. Of course he can share my seat! I don’t need it all anyway, even if I do have a big butt.”
“No, I don’t need any more room. I like it like this! He’s so polite! No! He’s going away! Is he happy I helped him? Did he like sitting by me?”
“Oh crap, here comes Max again.”

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