Ghost In The Machine, Part 3

They ran through a chaos-torn landscape, low walls ripped into by bullet and missile ordinance, shrapnel and shells lying everywhere.

Up ahead, Kavin could see the tell tale shimmer of a warp point, projected on the simulacra of a warehouse door. He pulled Tina behind him.

She pulled back. “Kavin, quit pulling me, you fuck. I can run just fine. In fact, I used to kick YOUR ass at gameZ. So get to the damn warp point, and stop pulling my wrist.”

Kavin didn’t paused long enough to give his old friend a sheepish look, then ran headlong for the WP.

The warp twisted them around, turned them inside out and spat them into a swamp. Kavin dry heaved. He could never quite handle the effect the Warp Point had on his stomach. Tina just looked on from behind him.

The Warp Points sent playerZ to random nodes; they had a few minutes to catch their breath before the hounds would be on them again.

Kavin looked around, pale moonlight filtered through low trees. Frogs croaked and some kind of animal squealed in the dark.

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