Ghost In The Machine, Part 4

The smell made him feel like dry heaving again. It was the smell of dung and death. There were bound to be alligators around here, somewhere. Maybe snakes. He looked at Tina, she was just staring at him impatiently; it was time to get moving again.

He took off, loading the chamber on the gun that had suddenly materialized on his back. He ran fast, but not so fast that he couldn’t talk.

“Ted, err…Tina. What’s happened to you? I mean, not the gender thing…er…” he trailed off, uncertain.

“Dude, you have got to relax,” she said. “It’s not like I’m any different.”

yeah, thought Kavin, except that amazing new rack and an ass I have to try hard not to stare at.

Kavin grunted something non-committal and kept running…

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