Hello, are you there?

I grabbed the microphone again. “Currently on your viewscreens you should be seeing live video streaming from our ships external sensors. This alien ship appears to also be a time traveler like us. We are now attempting to communicate with it.”

Everything in Kiki’s training forbade communicating with citizens of foreign time frames; I could be in huge trouble here. But if they were also time travelers as was announced on the hull of their ship, well then that was totally different.

“Arni, let’s use that same code we found to send a message across our bow.”

I routed our message to the front display, triggering a flash of scintillating color that ran down the length of our ship. I tried to keep it simple, since the syntactical engine was still having problems with the translation coming from the other ship.

The musical chattering emanating from the ship’s hull continued to increase in volume as I watched the display screen for any response. Surely they would have something to say to that.

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