Dear Diary; I'm giving him a chance!

Dear Diary,

Okay, i know i haven’t written in almost two months but a lot has happened. And not only to my friends, but to me as well.I got a boyfriend, a sophomore named mike J…but don’t get too excited…we broke up like after a week. It just wasn’t working for me! So we called it “quits”.

Oh and i’m completely over alex, and i just realized that e’s not that cute after all. But he’ll still have a special place in my heart.

We have an italian exchange student, thomas..He’s a cutie!

I just found out that this total hottie named blake, is really into me.
Oh and sam and i are really close now, but in a best friends sorta way.

As for my frosh friends, they are totally fine, everyone is over the whole “oh my god, you’re gay?” thing.

And alex and margie are so over! And steven is trying to get allison’s attention but i’m totally trying to hook her up with Sam.

I have so much more to write about but i only have so little time, i have a date with blake, we’re giving “us” a chance!

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