It Dosen't Burn

“Well this is an interesting development.” I said studying my hair as it changed from orange to blue flame.
Will gaped at me.
I didn’t blame him. I mean its not everyday you see someone’s hair turn to fire.
Then what I was looking at registered in my brain.
OH MY GOD MY HAIR IS ON FIRE !!” I screeched.
I must have hit my head even harder then I thought.
Will stopped staring, picked up the glass of water on the night stand and dumped it on my flaming hair.
The flame didn’t even flicker.
I screamed. “Put it out! PUTITOUTPUTITOUT !!”
The doctors came running, my screams had alerted them. One of them actually grabbed the fire extinguisher and started spraying it all over me. She continued to do this until the extinguisher was empty.
The flame remained.
Someone ran over to pull the fire alarm and activate the sprinklers.
The doctor froze with his hand on the fire alarm.
“It dosen’t burn…” I marveled, passing my hand expirimentaly through the fire.
“It dosen’t burn one bit.”

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