Dear Ficleteers

Despite the fact that this will be hokey and I hate jumping on bandwagons, I have a letter to you all.

I love this place, and all of you. I have no one who will give me true feedback besides you guys here on Ficlets. It means a lot more to get the honest feedback of you guys, especially since most of you are immensely more talented than me. It means a lot that you give me the time of day. Please, be hard on me. I need that.

I think it’s great what Ficlets has done for us. It’s given us a place where we get to be ourselves by getting rid of names, and ages, and all sorts of other things that might cause a presumption. It’s allowed us to disply the contents of our minds without fear. We wackadoos have to stick together, ya know? It’s given us not only a place for us aspiring writers to be “published”, but a sense of community that nurtures the growth of our talents.
We learn from each other, and I love it.

So thank you for letting me share. Thank you for sharing with me.

- Storykeeper of Fae

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