My London (Place for a challenge)

Oh that lovely sharp hiss as the train arrives at Marylebone. I know you’re anxious to get off but do mind the gap at the platform. The cavernous station is blindingly bright but no matter, you’re free. You’re in London now, where you always wanted to be.

LOOK LEFT before you cross the road. Don’t want to be mown down by an overanxious black cab looking for its next fare now, do you? Bloody tourists.

Just drift along with the crowd and absorb. Absorb the magnificent history. Absorb the crackly energy of this city you’ve read about – dreamed about. This city you’ve loved all your life. You’re here. You’re really here. It’s ok to smile.

It’s not easy getting here every week, but you manage it. To be so close six days a week gives you something to look forward to on the seventh, your day off. You can come in, gorge yourself on a spicy, tongue-curdling curry, fill your mind with wonderful facts from a hundred museums and take them back to your dreary life.

And count the days until you can return.

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