Getting His Number

Winter break had finally come, and Christmas had just passed. I was talking online with Linz.

Me: you know how Val has Robbie’s number?

Linz: yeah…

Me: well I wish I had Bryce’s

Linz: h/o

Me: why what are you doing?

Linz: texting Anthony

Me: why?

Linz: to ask for Bryce’s number!!

Me: oh, you think he will give it to you?

Linz: yeah

5 minutes later…

Linz: he texted back

Me: did he give it to you??!!??

Linz: yeah, chill

Me: well…??

Linz: here, it’s…

Linz gave me the number and I added it to my cell.

So what am I suppose to do now?

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