Do You Ever Wish?

Do you ever wish you could change your past?
That you never said this, or done that?
Do your ever wish someday everyone you knew,
would be in one room to talk to?
For those who moved to come back again and see,
your not the way you used to be?
Do you ever wish for something better?
A game, a book, a life?
For him to hold you just as tight,
even if he thinks your not just right?
Do you ever wish to relive those moments,
when you were in a happyness high?
To remember what it felt like right at that time?
Do you ever wish you could be yourself,
around everyone?
Do you ever wish of important stuff,
like maybe to move on again?
Or to enjoy the present?
Forgive the bad and love what you have?
There’s one more wish you should be making.
That the future will turn out fine.
Now to rap it up here, I have to say one thing.
No one is perfect.
Love it that way.

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