The next morning, I stood pondering. My choir mates were breaking fast. I wasn’t; too busy gnawing on thoughts. See, the trouble with having spirits visit you at night is that you wake up and think it’s all a dream. Then again, it’s me. I take my dreams seriously anyway.

So I was pondering when she appeared from nowhere.
“Come with me.” was all she said.
“Where?!” But I followed anyway.

She led me to an alcove in the lobby of the hotel. Mitch stood waiting for me.
“Kaeli, this is crazy! A frikin ghost came and talked to me, and then brought me here. We’d best figure out what’s going on before…”
“Before what?!” I yelled, forgetting to speak. Ha. How I managed that…
“You just…” he babbled, “did I…?”
“Primary communication. Our spirits can speak with each other, apparently.
“How? Why?” Mitch whispered.
“Because,” the ghost lady said, “She is our chosen. You are hers.

This resulted in a grand, very vocal, very mutual (but that happens between Mitch and I) “What?!

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