Flight 72 Departs

Jadyn tucked a strand of loose light brown hair behind her ear nervously as she picked up her new Dolce & Gabanna hobo bag and walked to Gate B6. Her stomach was crawling inside of her, begging for something to eat, but Jadyn knew that she would board the plane in any minute. She untied her shrug and wrapped it around her shoulders for warmth.

The truth was, Jadyn had never ridden an airplane before. Her stomach churned with a mix of excitement, nervousness, and hunger. Her head spun and her knees felt like they were being supported by noodles. Her dry lips barely moved, and her green eyes darted around the airport to see if she knew anyone here.

Now that Jadyn had the opportunity to visit Paris for six days because of her job, she was scared. What happened if they crashed? What happened if the pilot-

“Flight 72 to Paris boarding now and departing soon,” someone said over the speakers. Jadyn picked up her purse and walked to the gate with her boarding pass, hoping that all would go well.

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