Flight 72 Departs (part 2)

Jadyn shakily sat down at her seat, which took her long enough to find. Business class. She sat at the window seat, and peered out of it nervously. She was still close enough to the ground where she could jump out of the plane if something happened…
“Quit it,” she scowled to herself. “Stop being such a baby. Nothing bad’s gonna happen.”
She pulled out her cell phone and started writing a text to her BFF April who was still safely on the ground.
“Excuse me mam there are no cell phones when the plane is in motion,” a quirky blonde flight attendant said with a melody-like voice.
Jadyn quickly shut her Motorola RAZR and sat lower in her seat. She felt her cheeks flush.
“Would everyone please put their seatbelts on and turn off all cell phones, pagers, and other divices when the plane is in motion,” a booming voice called through speakers.
“I got that memo a few seconds ago,” Jadyn thought to herself.
Jadyn gasped as she felt the plane aceclerate.

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