Jessica with her undiscovered talent

I glanced up at the large poster. Was that really me? Was I really that confident, exotic beauty that was portrayed on the movie poster?
“I think it’s unflattering,” my manager, Terry Lee, snapped.
“I’ll have to see if they can make you thinner,” Terry Lee said. She had a sharp, commanding voice. She placed a manicured hand on her lean hip and turned around, her black straight hair was perfect. She walked out of the room.
I glanced down at my own stomach. The confident feeling I had was gone. Vanished.
I wasn’t a fat girl. And I was talented and beautiful. And Terry Lee always thought there was something wrong. Boy sometimes I felt as if I wanted to stand up, grab her clipboard and throw it across the room. I wanted to yank her arm and break it like a toothpick. She was so annoying.
I leaned back on the purple couch and closed my eyes and thought back to the good old days- when I was just undiscovered talent.

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