Clover High: Cave In

The room shook some more. I screamed. Not from fear but from frustration. “WHY ME?!”
Snap looked up from where he was looking after Dylan. “Instead of wallowing in self pity,” he stated. “You could help me take care of this guy over here.”
I don’t think I appreciate your tone. I thought, but went to give him a hand.
“What should I do?”
“Frederick!” Snap yelled over the noise. “Do you have a First Aid kit down here?!”
Frederick looked confused. “Why would you want a whip?!”
“A FIRST AID KIT !” I yelled.
Frederick couldn’t hear us even though he was standing right there. The noise was getting louder and the shaking was getting worse.
Then all of a sudden the light went out and for a second all was quiet.

That was the most awful moment in my entire life. I KNEW something bad was going to happen.

Then another noise started up this time worse than before.

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