A Pirate Dosen't Begin A Pirate

I wasn’t always a pirate. I didn’t always pillage and plunder and steal. I didn’t WANT to be a pirate. I never did and I never will. It’s not my fault that I ended up this way.

I just did.

I was a normal child, I would believe anything you told me. I would do everything you told me. I was a normal teenager, not as quick to believe something but when I got started there was no stopping me. It’s when I spent my first year as an adult that the problems began. My 19th year.

I worked at the port as a dishwasher. I wasn’t particularily pretty and no one noticed me unless I was in trouble. No one but him. Sir Henry Corbluff. He told me that a girl like me shouldn’t be working in a port like this. I agreed with him. Port Fleming wasn’t exactly on the top of everyone’s list of places to be. He invited me to work on his ship, the Blue Meander. Of course, being young, curious and stupid I eagerly accepted.

That moment changed the course of my entire life.

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