Creatures In A Hot Air Balloon (Inspired By The Stovohobo Inspirer By Stovohobo :D)

James’s large frightened eyes traveled slowly around the room. The creatures, some sitting on chairs,others reclining on a sofa, were all watching him intently.This,of course, was right before the engines failed,smoke started pouring out of the cabin, and the fabric of the balloon made a horrendous ripping sound.
“WHAT IS GOING ON HERE ?” One of the creatures demanded, pointing an accusing finger at James.
“W-what?”James blinked at them.
“This is all your fault!”Another one said, looking mournfully at the rip in the hot air balloon.
James realized just then how rapidly the balloon was descending. He had no idea how he had gotten here or why these strange things were talking to him.
His eyes drifted around the interior of the balloon basket,and he caught sight of a parachute. If he could reach it before they noticed it…
James suddenly jumped up and charged toward the strange Things. They looked at him first in shock and then in anger when he grabbed the parachute and threw himself over the side.

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