Everything Will Blow - The End

I looked at each of them, my best friends… My cloudy eyes delved deep into their eyes. I wanted to speak, to tell them I would be all right, but the words wouldn’t come. The best I could manage was a weak smile. Another rolling wave of pain emanating from the wound in my side flashed through me and my eyes shut once more.

I felt my final breath leave my body and my last vision before the numbing tendrils of death darkened my sight was of them both shaking uncontrollably, clutching at my limp body. I heard the sirens from the ambulance wailing in the distance, but it was too late for me…

I woke up from my reverie crying again, though no one would see or hear me. I was lost in the memories, hugging my knees to my chest and rocking back and forth. As I came out of my daily trance I happened to glance down and I found two pure, gleaming white carnations at my feet. Looking up quickly and stared down the block where Steven and Ian were walking away from me, arm in arm.

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