I looked through a telescope at the andromeda galaxy. What made so many stars stick together? What made all the gas particles find each other? Why do they combine? Well, gravity, of course. But why? Do they need each other? Do they want each other?

We are made of starstuff. The basic elements in us are found in stars. Is that why we behave similarly? We clump together as well. We form groups. We thrive upon the attention of one another. We shine to be seen. But is it gravity that binds us?

Is the attraction between sweethearts gravity?

Is a sisterly hug the result of gravity?

Is the comradery between friends gravity?

Personally, I think not. What keeps us together is love – our need for the attention, affection, and approval of one another. To need is to love. To love, to need.

The stars, like people, love each other. That’s why they stay close. We need constantly to be reminded of our own brightness, and our fellows are our mirrors.

We need each other.

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