The Black Iris (part 2)

One evening, midway through a particularly boring dinner party, James stood up and excused himself from his family and the Lord and Ladies presence.

“James, where are you going at this late hour?â€? Called out Elizabeth, the daughter of the house.

“I just need some fresh air.â€? James answered back, somewhat smiling. “My house isn’t too far from here. I’ll walk home.â€?

“But James,â€? Elizabeth said hurrying after him out the front door “wouldn’t you rather stay here with me?â€? She said smiling coyly.

“Some other time Elizabeth.â€? James responded without turning around.

Elizabeth sighed to herself as James walked on “What a strange yet compelling boy.â€? He struck a sharp silhouette along the dark, brooding hills of the area surrounding Aleford. A full moon hung low in the sky.

“Why do I feel so empty, and so misunderstood?” James asked himself. “Why do I stand out so?”

He walked along the bank of a small stream. As he followed the stream with his eyes, he noticed a dilapidated mansion looming up ahead.

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