A One Sided Conversation

J: “So there’s this girl…and its not just any girl, but a girl that I dream of marrying.”
S: “Jeez you sound like a fag right now.”
J: “A fag? How can I sound gay when I’m talkin about a female? That doesnt make sense.”
S: “Yeah yeah, get to the point.”
J: “Well you see, this girl, she’s perfect. She’s everything I think about. She’s smart, she’s got direction, she likes to read.
S: “Hows she look? She got a nice body?”
J: “I can’t remember…and if she doesnt…I dont care. I dont care how well shaped she is. I remember she’s not ugly, and I remember her eyes.”
S: “Wait a minute…you dont remember what she looks like? What the fuck are you TALKING about?”
J: “I’ve talked to her many times. Not near as many as I wish. And it’s not an infatuation I’m having, nowhere near it. It’s something different. Like if I pass this up, I may be fuckin the dog for life you know?”
S: “Sounds to me like you’re turning gay…”
J: “What a one sided conversation.”
S: “Yeah, the gay side”

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