The Black Iris (part 5)

James couldn’t help but stare into her beautiful face, and wish he had known her. He took one last look and tore himself away. As James walked down the spiral stairs, a single tear trickled from his right eye and down his cheek.

“What’s this? A tear over a dead girl I didn’t even know?” He lingered at the foot of the stairs, and looked back up towards the second floor, but then looked away and left the mansion.

“It must be getting on quite late now.” He thought to himself, and reached for his pocket timepiece. It was neither in his vest, nor on his person. “My timepiece!” he exclaimed. “Have I left it in the mansion?”

James hurriedly ran back in to retrace his steps. After scouring the first floor, he ran up the stairs to the second. There, on the table next to the girl, lay his timepiece. James walked over and picked it up, but found himself gazing at her once again.

Suddenly, as if his body acted with out his mind’s consent, he bent over her, and kissed her on the lips. He felt her breathe softly.

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